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With the tax deadline right around the corner, many people are diligently gathering their financial papers and documents so they can begin the arduous process of filing their tax returns, which is why many people ultimately prefer the convenience that comes with filing those returns electronically. Of course, most people who choose to use online tax software typically end up forgoing the assistance of a trusted tax professional, which can increase the likelihood of mistakes – and ultimately cost filers much more in the long run.

Thankfully, it is possible for those who prefer filing their taxes online to also enjoy the benefits of a having a tax pro analyze their return in order to make sure they get the biggest refund possible – or, at the very least, avoid overpaying the IRS – without having to go to a tax office.

With H&R Block Tax Pro Review, taxpayers can have their returns reviewed remotely by a certified H&R Block tax professional in as little as three days. The add-on cost for this service is $59.99-89.99 based on the complexity of the tax return. Of course, this is not a new idea; Tax Pro Review is the reinvention of H&R Block’s Best of Both service, which the company started offering more than a decade ago.

I took H&R Block Tax Pro Review for a test drive and was happy to discover that it is super convenient and very easy to use. In fact, Tax Pro Review is an ideal solution for people who are looking for an easy way to maximize the size of their refund check because the software can be personalized to fit any taxpayer’s needs with just a few easy steps. And with Tax Pro Review, your tax pro can file any form you need, even if it’s not explicitly included in your online product.

Folks with straight forward, uncomplicated tax situations can choose to file for free. On the other hand, those with more complex situations can take advantage of premiere options. For example, itemizers will want the Deluxe option, investors and those with rental property will want the Premium option. There is also a self-employed version for small business owners. The good news is, regardless of which version you choose, all H&R Block online tax filing products include features such as a refund reveal on how and why your refund changed, free federal e-file, data security and free earned income tax credit.

During my test run, I found the software graphics to be clean and inviting. And the user-friendly interface carefully guides you through the tax process in a clear, easy to use manner. Importing data is a snap too, regardless of which online software you may have previously used. A really slick time-saving feature is the ability to import your W-2 via a photo. No, really. And here’s another bonus: cloud-based software means you can access your return from multiple devices.

For those with questions, help is readily available every step of the way via pertinent handy help links. For more in-depth questions, there is also a help center that covers frequently asked questions, as well as a searchable database for those less-obvious tax conundrums.

Those of you who have complex returns to file will be happy to know that it’s no big deal if you choose to take a well-deserved break, or have to walk away for an extended period of time because, when you log back in, the software gives you the option of picking up exactly where you left off, or starting from the beginning; it’s entirely up to you.

Then again, since your projected refund is prominently displayed throughout the entire process, you may end up too engrossed to stop until your return is ready to be reviewed by one of H&R Block’s tax pros. Best of all, by having that expert double-check, you know you’ll be getting the biggest refund you possibly can – guaranteed.

Visit www.hrblock.com/online-tax-filing/tax-pro-review/ to start your return today.

Photo Credit: H&R Block


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